Video Premiere: Excelsior – Ghost

‘Excelsior’ is the moniker of Danish singer Anja T. Lahrmann who has released her debut EP ‘Superimposed’ in 2017 and her debut album ‘O Horizon’ in 2019 where she got great critics from the media. Her new album ‘Fit For FIction’ will be out later this year on August 26th and the first song that we hear from it is ‘Ghost’. Excelsior takes on the role of the narrator for a plot that expresses how good and evil coexist in one body.

This matches perfectly with the haunting story that she is telling with the song: It is about the famous murder of actress Lana Clarkson by music producer Phil Spector in 2003.

Why was Clarkson left on the chair, dead, with her bag over her shoulder, as if she was about to walkout the door?”, asks Excelsior in regards of if women are actively or passively in charge of their own destiny.

The song ‘Ghost’ is released by The Big Oil Recording Company and available on all platforms since April, 15th.

Excelsior - Ghost (official video)

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Photo: Dennis Morton