Debut-EP: Zueva – 5:1

Rising pop-star Zueva from Norway is ready to debut her first EP ‘5:1’, which is about five perspectives on one relationship.

Her sound can be describes as between pop with an edgy, electronical twist. With the use of athmospherical parts (‘Don’t have a clue’) or Garage-beats (‘Heather’) or Trumpets and acoustic guitars (‘too close’) every song is different and surprises with unusal parts. Holding it all together is the voice of Zueva.

The EP-project is inspired by a hopeless, recurring relationship and my attempt to get closure. Though it takes more than an EP to properly move on, I feel like converting my experiences to art definitely helps” tells the Oslo-based Zueva.

Zueva - preying on me (Official Video)

Zueva tells: “Though the relationship I wrote about was definitely on the opposite of the original intent of 5:1, it still on some level feels like ‘the one, because it’s so hard to let go of….I think that my love for songwriting comes from the urge to make my pain and shame into something productive and positive. Something I can be proud of instead.

The singer has already with her latest song ‘too close’ been listed at NRK P3 and Amazing Radio UK and she got positive critis from many musical tastemakers.

Zueva - don´t have a clue (Official Video)

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Photo by Marcus A. Edvardsen.