ARY – Higher

Oslo-based singer ARY released a cool video for her first single „Higher“, a fine and smooth electropop song with a so good chorus. And the floating arpeggiators – beautiful. We will hear much more from ARY in the future – we are sure.
The video was shot by Niels Windfeldt at Norway’s highest mountain pass, Sognefjelle.

Live at P3 Christine:

ARY on facebook, twitter

Photo by: Olav Stubberod

  1. ulf lorenz

    striking sound…so simple and very deep…clear…just beautiful with that voice…
    heard it on the radio and looked it up…my eyes discharched a fluid …very strange…thank you!

  2. Ulfonso Lorenzo

    Thank you, already there for :)

    It is true with the multiplicity of love…source of the universe.

    good luck and duck and seasons greetings,

    yours, Ulfenburger

    ps: have a look at Chronic Cities

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