Joakim Berg – Jag fortsätter glömma

It has been quite a while since KENT has been buried – one of THE best and most influencial rock bands of Sweden. Since then – and when Kent was alive too – singer and songwriter Joakim Berg used to write many songs with and for other artists too (Miriam Byrant, Smith & Thell, Veronica Maggio, LOVA, Johnossi, AVICII, Petra Marklund…).

Now he is back with new music that he is performing under his own name – and it developed into a whole album!

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With ‘Legender’ there is a classic sing-a-long-bop on the album:

Joakim Berg - Legender (Audio)

‘4’ is one of out absolute favs, probaly because of the usage of more guitars :)

Joakim Berg - 4 (Audio)

When there is one thing that Jocke is able to do, it is to write melodies that are unique and sound familiar at the same time. ‘Aniara’ is a smashing example for that.

Joakim Berg - Aniara (Official Lyric Video)

Doing the mid-tempo ballad-style is back here again too:

Joakim Berg - Barn av vår tid (Lyric Video)

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This is an almost perfect album – and for sure our album of the year, already… in July. The only reason this gets not 5 out of 5 stars is, that we would love to have a little more electric guitars in it – but this is just because of our background as Kent-fans. This album is full of great melodies, sad and mid-tempo songs with great instruemntations – and Jocke’s known whistleing.