Red Cell – Haunted by Your Beauty

Swedish SynthPop-lads Red Cell have just released their new single ‘Haunted by Your Beauty‘.

And again we get from Stefan Aronsson and Jimmy Skeppstedt a super-infectious song with a massive sing-a-long chorus. Oh those classic 80s-lead-synths and bassline remind us glorious DX7-days. We can hear sparks of the style of for instance ‘Elegant Machinery’ in the sound.

This is the follow-up on their latest self-titled album which they released last year and that blew us away with the love for detail in sounds and arrangement.

Red Cell - Haunted by Your Beauty (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

Singer Jimmy Skeppstedt shares his thoughts on the new single: “‘Haunted by Your Beauty’ captures the intensity of love and devotion with lines like ‘Sunshine will be jealous of you and me.’ It’s about finding beauty in profound connections and the haunting emotions that come with them.”

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Photo by Ida Halling