Mia Berg – Goodbye, for a while

Released on the fab norwegian label GEMS is the new song of once-Bergen and now Oslo-based singer & producer Mia Berg. She delivers outstanding ond great written guitar-folkpop which reminds a little bit of Kristofer Aström, Ane Brun or Icelandic icon Emilíana Torrini.

The song delivers a floating instrumentation with an electronical beat that brings in enough space for her unique voice to shine. Written around the feeling of coming by places where once were parties or the old school and what memories evolve from this the lyrics represent this: ‘”Once in a while I walk past your house, just to make sure everything’s in order”‘. Who doesn’t know this feeling?

‘Goodbye, for a while’ is written by Mia Berg together with friends Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter and Henrik Lillehaug in her Homerecording studio which gives the song this laid-back Bedroom-Pop character.

Mia Berg - Goodbye, for a while ( lyric video)

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Photo credit: Mikhaela Greiner