Nils Bloch – In Amber Light E.P.

Now the Debut E.P of Danish singer Nils Bloch is finally out – we have written about the fantastic song ‘Iolanda‘ earlier this year. The songs were written in the Lockdown-times in Berlin – and do center around the concept of memory and regret.

Nils says: “Remembering is more than recalling the past. Memories echo through our minds and bodies.
Engraved in the stubborn wheel tracks of our neurons they ring through our actions and dreams, melting into the horizon of our present and future

It starts with the atmospheric opener ‘The Marsh’, which immediately sucks you in into the soundscapes of Nils with that noizy strings/pads and the crystal clear acoustic guitar sounds layered over it.

I find that often a song will crystalize an emotion or a behavioral pattern that I’ve experienced several times. Then some kind of double exposure happens when I put these experiences into music. It’s like reality expressed in a slightly morphed or distorted way – like a dream of something familiar.” tells Nils.

This ingredients are enriched with his soft and also intense vocals that are used in a kind of an instrument in the songs.

In the piano-driven ballad ‘You still scare me’ – which we think is the strongest track on the E.P. – it comes all together in a “reduced to the max”-style: Sad melodies in minor key to die for and a background-choir that creates a unique atmosphere.

You Still Scare Me

About Iolands we have alread written that the song is about someone who has moved on and is totally okay with that and finds peace. Nils says about the lyrics:

“Iolanda is a letter to a former partner’s new lover. A blessing and a wish that they will surrender to her in a way that I was never able to. To me this imagined scenario is a way of reconciling myself with my past and maybe to ask for some kind of forgiveness.”

With this and “The Park” we are sure, his music will be great for fans of Swedish fellow José González or Norwegian indie-band Minor Majority.

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What an emotional and atmospheric debut this is! Nils Bloch creates his own sound-universe and fills it immediately with his rememberable voice and those sad melodies.