Maylen Rusti – Drømmeland

Norwegian singer Maylen Rusti returns with her new album ‘Drømmeland’ (Dreamland), about 10 years after her first one called ‘Heartmachine‘. While also being member of the Bergen-based Indie-group Alibiet (with the massive banger ‘Aleine‘ what we have written about) she has been already teasing her new music in the last couple months with songs like ‘Når Eg Faller‘.

After the first album, airplay-success and playing some gigs a cyst on her vocal cords forced her to stop and recover for about 2 years. The singer, who also lived a while in Copenhagen and New York for a time, moved to Bergen for that and did what she is doing all the time: Writing songs. But this time it felt more fitting for her to write in her own language, as she told us. The more personal topics required a more in-depth-approach that is better to do in norwegian. That sets the tone for the album. After moving to Olso the finished result is one the best albums coming from Norway this year – that is clear although it is just May.

Together with producer Henrik Hilmersen she created a album full of bangers – ‘Sammen med deg‘ (Together with you) is a super-catchy, very grooveable track that makes you wanna dance to it immediately. This almost end-80s-style bass-line drives the song that opens up in this massive chorus where Maylen’s voice can shine on.

Maylen Rusti - Sammen Med Deg

Når Eg Faller‘ is a mid-tempo song that delivers a thriving groove with a great mixture of subtle guitars, massive chords/pads and retro-synth-leads.

Maylen Rusti - Når Eg Faller

‘Forglemmegei’ (Forget-me-not) gives funky vibes with the bassline, reduced instrumentation on the verses and a floating chorus.

Maylen Rusti - Forglemmegei

The alvum contains also big ballads liks ‘Bak Fasaden’ or the title track ‘Drømmeland’. The successful song ‘Romeo & Julie’ gives us massive Veronica Maggio-vibes – so damn catchy and a pleasure to listen to.

Lyricwise many of the songs deal with the big theme of love in many facettes – but over the whole album the outcome is about give courage and positive outcomes. We love lyricswise those ideas like «Du e sukker, eg rabarbra» (You’re sugar, I’m rhubarb) to emphasize differences between two people in a relationship. So there are many other text-passages to discover in the songs.

As she says about the album ‘Drømmeland” is inspired by the time when we were young. I was fearless, adventurous, and it wasn’t the consequences that guided me. Taking a step back and thinking of myself as “young and fearless” has given me a lot of inspiration in life. Is it really that dangerous? Sound-wise, it’s a kind of mash-up between Gabrielle, Aurora, and Veronica Maggio. Dreamland is a place where the air is clear, and you can breathe. Here you can reset and find new strength.

‘Drømmeland’ is out on May 10th via Grappa Musikkforlag and she will play a release-concert at DUNK,Oslo on May, 15th.

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Photo: Tommy Kristiansen

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Welcome to the universe of Maylen Rusti – she has developed her very own musical style with embedding her angelic voice into those warm soundbeds that are a mixture of acoustic instruments and synthesizer parts. Often with danceable, joyful grooves that reminiscence the 90’s and 00’s, sometimes as a massive ballad.This more intimate setting fits the change to her native norwegian language perfect.Could this album be done any better? – No!