Alvin Weise – Feel the same

Stockholm-based singer Alvin Weise has put out his second single after his great debut-track ‘Starting all over’, which we covered a while ago.

Starting out just with some guitars it evolves quickly into that what we call ‘a classic Scandipop’-song: A sing-a-long chorus with a great melody and a crisp-clear production, with some effect-sparkles on it. Or as we say also: ‘This is banging RixFM-material’ (one of the largest swedish radio stations for contemporary music).

This classic 80’s piano at the end is fab. you can’t get more retro :) Alvin proves to be here to stay with this high-class follow-up to his debut single!

Lyricwise Alvin says about the song: “It’s about being deeply invested in somebody who remains distant. Like trying to carry a conversation with someone who’s constantly looking over your shoulder. They’re close enough to touch, but always out of reach. You’re swimming in circles, trying to make sense of it all. But sooner or later you realize that they’re just along for the ride. No matter how much you give, it’ll never be enough. It’s a lost cause and it’s not worth your effort.”

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