Röyksopp – Never Ever feat. Susanne Sundfør

Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland – better known as Bergen’s superstar electronic pioneers Röyksopp – released a HUGE new track “Never ever”, which reflects so much 80s-sounds, warm analogue synthesizers. It recalls the feeling from their first albums in the “Melody A.M.”-period. They teamed up with Singer Susanne Sundfør who again does a fantastic job, her voice fits so good the Röyksopp’s sound. The former teamwork “Running to the sea” is one of the best electronic songs of all time – our opinion.

If Röyksopp will release more songs like this, we will be not sad, that they decided to do no more albums. We like the style “All killer, no filler” very much.

Röyksopp - Never Ever feat. Susanne Sundfør (Edit)

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Photo by: Stian Andersen.

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