Teddy Failure – Be My Guest

Teddy Failure is an upcoming duo from Sweden, consiting of Teo Runsiö und Frans Torell. The have written songs since their teenage days about the phase of growing up, love and emotions. Frans for instance has been working already with Swedish singers LOVA and GRANT on their latest albums, the duo has worked with finnish Singer ALMA, swedish singers Shy Martin and Winona Oak or Netherlands new treasure Naaz.

‘Be my Guest’ is in first place a well-written acoustic-guitar driven, emotional song that has some twists in it with the use of some kind of Trap-beat. With the use of these kind of influences they prove that they think outside of drawers and create new and creative music. We are sure they are here to stay.

Be my Guest‘ is a song from the upcoming debut e.p. ‘I’m a failure Pt.1’ which will be released on April, 22nd via Columbia.

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