Lydmor – The last Call

Lydmor – which is the moniker of danish musician Jenny Rosander – has been doing innovative musical and visual stuff for many years now, including such bops like ‘Killing Time‘, ‘Someone we used to love‘ or with the collaboration with WhoMadeWho‘s Bon Homme with tracks like ‘Daybreaker‘ or ‘Things we do for love‘. With Bon Homme she did a great live-concert tour in Germany some years ago.

Lydmor’s musical style is always on the edge between pop-melodies and electro-avantgarde with massive influences from the 80s. ‘The Last Call’ – which is the first new release since her last album – fits perfectly in: Starting quite airy and athmospheric, it evolves into a synth-bass driven electro-ballad which has a quite pop-feeling to it.

“This is a song about realizing the fact that love is right there in front of you and doesn’t have to be so damn complicated. I personally love how the tune mingles with the lyric. Especially the part where the morning tide rolls your body to the shore, and you figure out that you’re already exactly where you should be. I’ve added so much love and tenderness to this little cocktail of a song that the glass almost runs over and it becomes a tide of its own” says LYDMOR.

‘The Last Call’ is a little bit different in many ways, since it is the offcial score for the danish movie ‘VENUS EFFEKTEN‘ with actors like Sofie Gråbøl and Lars Mikkelsen which starts on Nomber, 18th also.

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Photo by Ditte Chemnitz