Sigrid – Strangers

‘Pop perfection’ is a rare genre, where different parts have to come together to play in that league: A unique and strong songwriting combined with a crisp and powerful studio production. And a vocal performance that is outstanding regarding the actual singing and the personality or ‘attitude’ of the musician.
Listen to the debut album of AURORA, the album “The Gathering” of William Hut or Kurt Nilsen’s album “A part of me” to get the idea.

Sigrid has reached this level from the begin of her releases – already with her “Don’t kill my vibe”-EP. And as she is getting closer to her first album, her new single “Strangers” is the next stepstone.

Altough it starts very moody and ‘light’, it is the song with the most club-feeling in it, with a quite electric 4-to-the-floor chorus and it evolves more and more to the end. When “Don’t kill my vibe” came out at the beginning of this year, we thought this will be the best song – but Strangers grows with every listen. Definitely a big success is for sure for the young singer. Check out Sigrid live if you can – this is high-class music with a great band around her with an extremely energetic sound and a super tight timing!

Sigrid - Strangers (Lyric Video)

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