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Hey Elbow from Sweden will have their second album out soon and are releasing “Quest” as an appetizer now. The band – consisting of Julia Ringdahl (vocals/guitar), Ellen Petersson (horns/electronics), and Liam Amner (drums) – played successfully at the Iceland Airwaves Festival in Reykjavik some days ago, which was a good fit, because this festival brings many worlds of music together – as the band does too: Backgrounds from Jazz- and Electronic-sounds merge consistently together into floating sounds that have a new and fresh flavour.

“Quest” shows this freshness very well with the light sounds and athmosphere.

This single is one of the later songs that we wrote for our new album and it is representing how we sound nowadays very well. It has one foot in our old sound, in a way that many of our new tracks hasn’t. The first part came to us very rapidly and easy but we couldn’t really move forward and finish it. Then one day in the rehearsal we started to play a totally different idea, and realized that the two parts fitted perfect together and ”Quest” was complete.” tells the band.

Quest Hey Elbow (official video)

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