Interview with the duo Misty Coast

The duo Misty Coast are Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust from the beautiful city Bergen in Norway. They both play in the band “The Megaphonic Thrift” and are doing a side project as a duo now, their self-titled first album has been released some weeks ago, where they worked together with producer by Matias Tellez of Young Dreams – fame.

There is a sentence from them, how they describe their music: “Strange pop music for strange people”. And we think that is a very good match, because it includes many facettes of Misty Coast’s sound but leaves enough room and space for experimental things. From noice-rock and psychedelic elements to drum machines and pop-wise melodies you can experience many of these facettes in each song of the album.

About this and much more we had luckily the chance to talk to Misty Coast after the gig at Vill Vill Vest – festival.


Your debut-album is getting very good critics in Norway and one point of this is, that the sounds which varies between space-rock/noise-rock and more poppier melodies. How did you develop this sound?

We didn’t know that we want to do this specific sound, we were making music that didn’t fit to our band The Megaphonic Thrift, it was more of a minimalistic style and it was just the two of us making the music, so we created the new project Misty Coast.

And when we are recording at home in the studio, it is more lo-fi with a drum-machine. This creates a more low-key sound and enjoying (Roland TR-) 808s.

And after that how do you record your music?

We started with the demo tracks and 808-sounds but re-programmed it with Matias Tellez and added some live drums. We made it half way through the album without using any cymbals, and thought we could make it without – but in the end we had to sneak in some strikes here and there.

But at least the cymbal sound is distorted…

Yes, it has gone through different effects and distortions.*laughs*

And what effects do you use to create your special “Misty Coast”-sound?

We like a lot fuzz and distortion. For the bass that is actually the setup, not too much effects. For the guitars there are two effect boards – distortion and delay and there is always some kind of reverb under it. There are many loops, we are using many loops on the album. And I’m trying to do the same live.


An acoustic show of Misty Coast would sound quite a little different…

We did that kind of. It was much more closer and folky, because the songs have some folkyness vibe in it.

That sounds interesting! With the great combination of Noise and more poppier melodies..

Yes, we are fans of this “the ugly stuff meeting the pretty stuff”. That is the fun part of playing with effects and melodies. We love that kind of sets where you go soundwise very quiet and superloud.


With Matias Tellez you had a great producer for the album by your side…

He really understood what we wanted. He didn’t try to change our sound but helped us to sound better. We used actually many of the home-recorded parts and added new drums etc. He listened to our stuff and took it to another dimension.

About songs and releasing albums – do have new songs already? And how about vinyl?

We started writing for a new album, indeed. We are spending 1,5 months in Berlin this winter, just to write and record material for our next album. But it will probably take some time to release it. It takes about half a year to get your vinyl pressed these days. The vinyl from our debut album is looking fantastic by the way. We are big fans of the vinyl format, and there is almost this ceremony about it: when you put the record needle on it and the *crck* sound appears. Besides that we think in „Side A“ and „Side B“ when we put the record together. We like the concept of doing albums this way.


Speaking of the space or story of songs: What does inspire you the most for your music?

The people around us do that – and the life that happens around us. And we grew up listening to music that is in our backbone and a source.

How about touring?

We are going on tour in November for nine concerts in the UK supporting Amusement Parks on Fire.

What other acts from Bergen do you recommend to listen to?

There are many,… Great News for instance, Soft Ride or Bloody Beach, Kathinka and 9 grader Nord, they are all great. And Silja Sol!. If you speak norwegian, her lyrics are really beautiful and quirky.

Thank you very much for a great concert, a nice evening with the meeting and the superduper interview!

So there are many reasons to check out one of the best albums of the year: The great debut album of Misty Coast on Spotify – or better: Buy the vinyl!

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Photo: Annette Kathinka Servan

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