Sandra Kolstad – BLING BLING BLING

After her successful single “Mango Corner“, norwegian electropop-songstres Sandra Kolstad returns with “BLING BLING BLING”.

It is a powerful electro-rnb-song, which leads again to the pop-side of Sandra’s soundspectrum. She goes more and more into the classical songwriting-direction in her songs, yet with beats and drums, but the songs are more melody-driven now.

„I recorded a demo right away, when the song came to me in the living room, and this recording is still the skeleton of the production. In a magical way it has become a complete work, with the help of legendary producer Yngve Sætre, danish pop hope Asbjørn and Martin Smoge.“ tells the singer.

The well fitting video is directed and edited by Virginia Gilles.

Sandra Kolstad - BLING BLING BLING

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