Pish – Crime

Pish goes solo to spread more “Kakk”: The singer of Bergen’s Indie-heroes Kakkmaddafakka is up to putting out a solo-album. “Crime” is already the second song from it – we totally missed “Compromised“, a good song too. But today it is all about “Crime” – this uptempo song with thriving drums and the unique vocals of Pish bring instantly back the feelings of the first KMF-songs: It is Indie, a little bit raw and it has catchy melodies.

Alltogether it has more drive than the last MKF-record – soundwise. It is just our optionion, but… we like this better. A great start for the solo-career, although we can’t wait to hear new stuff from the complete band!

Ah, and the video shows again some of the best streets of Bergen, from up on the hills – great!

Pish - Crime (Official Music Video)

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