Martin Halla is back with “Why tomorrow”

One of our favourite norwegian singer is finally back with a new song: The Voice-winner Martin Halla releases his song “Why tomorrow” today and it is some kind of a reboot for him:

I’ve been working on new material for a long time now, and I thought it was about time to let something out to the public. This time it is my own music from start to finish and that feels very good.

After winning “The Voice”, on his first record he worked together with Magne Furuholmen and his team and they produced hits like “Illuminate the sky” (one of our absolute favs and reaching more then 7.5 million plays on Spotify) or “Take it with me“. The key-element that holds everything together, has always been the unique voice of Martin.

Martin Halla på Gullfisken

Since his last singles the chillin’ tropical sound has evolved massively (out of Norway obviously) and so his new song takes some vibes from there and lets surround it with Martins perfect fitting voice. His vocal range is absolutely stunning and so rememberable. So there is a natural progression in sound, that you can hear in “Why tomorrow”.

The sound is a bit different now than before, but I like it and I hope people do too.. I think it is important to be open and to move forward, so it is not that strange that sound is changing over more than two years

We have this chilled ballad on repeat and repeat and repeat… The more electric approach fits very well – so we are thrilled on how the next new songs will sound like, because “I have many more songs in the drawer.”, Martin told us :)

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