Isak Danielson – King of Tragedy

Swedish singer Isak Danielson returns with the next song after ‘Good Things come to those who wait’ which we covered here. And it’s Banger!: ‘King of Tragedy’ is a very danceable song – and it has a chorus that spreads pure pop perfection with every note. We like this song even better – and musically we think this song is a little less dramatic than the title suggests.

Isak tells about the song: “‘King of a Tragedy’ is a roller coaster of emotions and I want to feel every one of them. I understand the power I have and want to use it, but at the same time I’m fragile and don’t have any control.”

The video – well here comes the Tragedy and of course Dramaturgy to it :)

The song is released on the label ‘The Orchad’ and the album will follow on April, 8th.

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