Nils Bloch – Iolanda

Danish singer-/songwriter Nils Bloch has a beautiful new song out: ‘Iolanda‘ is the second single that is taken from his debut EP which will be out later this year.

His athmospheric debut single ‘The Marsh‘ was a great start but we think ‘Iolanda‘ is even stronger because it brings the melodic side more in the foreground. The vocals of Nils are straight to the point and have that special tone that you recognize him immediately.

“Musically I think of the vocal as a confessional ‘now’ which is being invaded by memories and dreams. I take a lot of inspiration from ambient music in order to create a field of tension between the confidential tone of the vocal and the ghostlike sfumato of the music.” he says.

The song itself is about someone who has moved on and is totally okay with that and finds peace. Nils says about the lyrics:

“Iolanda is a letter to a former partner’s new lover. A blessing and a wish that they will surrender to her in a way that I was never able to. To me this imagined scenario is a way of reconciling myself with my past and maybe to ask for some kind of forgiveness.”

The upcoming EP is definitely something watch out for!

Nils Bloch - Iolanda (Audio)

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