Debut: veiles – You & Me

veiles – which is the moniker of danish singer Esther Møller Fogh – is releasing her debut single and again a sign that there is huge bunch new upcoming creative musicians hailing from Denmark.

The independent artist was born in Aarhus/Denmark is now residing in Berlin. With ‘You & me’, which is released on February 25th, she released a very well produced debut single that is clear pop with references to the 90s with the drums and guitar picks. Yet it has that slight indie-tone set in it – with that chorus that shines with Esther’s warm, yet present voice. Indeed it reminds us a little bit of the tonality of Natalie Imbruglia’s smasher ‘Torn’. The song is about the everlasting subject of love, and especially the heartbreaking part of falling in love.

veiles shares about the song: “I often feel like the main character in a film, running head over heels through the airport to stop the plane and declare my love to that one special person onboard. Out of breath, I reach the gate. It’s closed, the plane is off, I’m too late. That’s life and love – it happens right in front of you and when you least expect it. So, I wrote ‘You & Me’ as a reminder that true love does exist.”

‘You & Me‘ is written by Esther and Mads Koch, produced by Nature Boy, Vera & Esther Møller Fogh.

veiles - You & Me [Official Music Video]

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