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The Vill Vill Vest – Festival in Bergen showed a bunch of good new musicians coming from Norway and Fred Well was one of the most promising acts. Althought the singer is not really a newcomer – he has done some really good pop/rock-songs with his earlier band “The Well”.
In September he released his great debut song “Complicated” and now he is back with a new one called “Superhero”.

He follows his path of perfect R’n’B-styled popsongs, “Superhero” is a uplifting song about having good people around you: “It’s really about having someone you admire in your life – a superhero – who makes you a better person. It’s a feelgood song that celebrates these awesome individuals!” says Fred about the song.
The tempo changes between slow verses, cool 70s-styled synthpad parts and a massive chorus that sticks immediatly in your head. He tells “it’s definitely more electronic and there’s a bit of R&B in there too. I got very inspired by The Weeknd and all those guys, EDM, hip hop. I just like to listen to all kinds of music, not just pop.”

His live-performance is also a good mixture between all these genre-mixes, adding a more guitar-based layout to it.
Fred Well is definitely one of the artists to watch out in 2018!

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