How to Lose Face – Boomers Can’t Be Choosers (I Liked It)

Danish Peter Fjordbak aka How to Lose Face has released the forst single of his upcoming e.p.
‘Boomers Can’t Be Choosers (I Liked It)’ is a cynical view on the social media scene today, as Fjordbak tells:

The song and video portrays the constant need of being a digital entertainer on social media to achieve success. It’s about “thumbs up”,  “hearts”, shares, and where to draw the line between art and entertainment. “Here it is. I LIKED it! I LOVED it! I DON’T MIND IT!”

Musically the song is a wonderful lo-fi indie-rock track that is the right amount snotty and not too clean – oh yeah!

Boomers Can't Be Choosers (I Liked It)

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