Molly ‘My Marianne’ Sandèn – Husavik

Tonight night will be this year’s Oscar ceremony from 2a.m. on . And it has a not so usual nomination it: The Netflix-comedy ‘Eurovision: The story of Fire Saga’ is nominated for the best music. The Will Ferrell-movie that is shot mostly in Husavik, Iceland has a massive end-scene with the performance of the song ‘Husavik (my Home Town)’ of actress Rachel McAdams. In real life it was sung by Swedish singer Molly Sandèn who has brought the perfectly written power-ballad to another level with her voice.

Husavik (My Home Town) | Molly Sandén - The Real Voice Behind the Song | Eurovision

The singer is already in Husavik to perform the song that will be played at the Oscar-event via video. Here are some backgrounds about the song and the show:

Molly Sandén - Oscar Nominated with Húsavík from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

What it may look like is here to be seen at an acoustic recording. No further questions asked about the singer’s voice:

Husavik (My Hometown) - Acoustic Live Video

It is not so normal that a Netflix-comedy is nominated but with this massive song it deserves the trophy!

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