GRETA – Vibrant

Copenhagen-based singer GRETA has released with ‘Vibrant’ the first new song since her debut album. It is a heavily-80’s-based Dreampop/Bedroompop-song with that classy DX7-80s-bass sound and classy echo/reverb-effects on the vocals that remind us of 80’s star Sandra.

The song is about the romantic love bubble everyone is in with the partner:
Vibrant’ is about two people who love each other and spend the lockdown together. It is about the feeling of reality becoming a blur, about losing sense of time, becoming restless and longing for something more. Something more from each other but from life too. The song contains a lot of love and connectedness and at the same time it is about sharing a common longing after going out, dancing, and for some sort of escape. The song captures the frustration that you feel because the world is no longer the same and you’re constantly longing for something new.” GRETA says.

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Photo credit: Karina Waliczek