happydieyoung – Superhappy E.P.

happydieyoung are band from Bergen, Norway and they have been around some years already, playing f.i. at the Vill Vill Vest festival and shaping their unique sound. On the crossover from indie, Retro 80s and pop they deliver their new E.P. ‘Superhappy’ which is full of little gems. The duo went to producer Askjell (AURORA, SIGRID, SKAAR, Amanda Tenfjord, dePresno and many more) to produce this ep and they developed a powerful and unique sound for happydieyoung.

‘Dancing in Limbo’ is definitely club-ready with it’s pumping beat and the positive vibes.

The second track, ‘Happy ever after’ is a mid-tempo indie-ballad with big emotions and melodies that remind us alittle bit of the latest work of Swedish fellow Isak Danielson.

“The Matador and Bull at the Ball” could also blow up in just a second with its artsy verses and the chorus that is blast of melodies.

The Matador and Bull at the Ball (music video)

With “hell is not so bad when your friends are there” there is another example for the path between gorgeous melodies and a certain amount of quirkyness to make this song fantastic indie-stuff.

hell is not bad when your friends are there (music video)

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Photo: Olav Vlam

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It hasn’t changed: Artists from the melting pot Bergen always deliver new and exciting music. The ‘Superhappy’ E.P. is another example for this: It is fresh, innovative and yet it wraps you into a calm and warm soundbed with the great melodies. It is a great next step for happydieyoung.