Elias Bendix – The full picture

Danish artist Elias Bendix – we have written abut his song ‘Pedal to the Metal‘ before – returns with the new Indie-single ‘The full picture’. Moving a little bit away from his pop-sound in the past, the song is based on a massive drumming by Birk Nevel (who has worked with artists like Medina or WhoMadeWho before). Driven by the massive drums, Elias can bring in his falsetto voice very well – other sounds are used sparely to give the song the lightness that it needs. The bass-sound is a great 80s-synth-riff to to give it more drive.

“‘The Full Picture’ is probably a very good reflection of where I am in my life – it’s a change of direction because I’m moving my whole life to Ethiopia. Over the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time looking inwards and realising what is important to me.” says Elias.

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Photo: Therese Lærke