Elias Bendix – Pedal To The Metal

Copenhagen-based alt-pop artist Elias Bendix releases ‘Pedal To The Metal’, a track that we would call in german ‘eine Groovesau’ – a track that has a unbelieveable groove that anyone HAS to dance to. This danceable base layers with that floating chords and drums are perfect for the swirrling lead-synth sounds that could go on and on – a fine sound for 5.am.

Last year I turned 30, and that resulted in a lot of self-reflection, which has ended up in the lyrics of the song. When I talk to friends and colleagues, I often get the impression that they see me as quite successful, musically speaking. I’ve graduated from Rhythmic Music Conservatory, released a lot of music and played more concerts than I can count. In the eyes of many, I have succeeded with my projects, but it is not always that my own perception is aligned with others”, says Elias and continues: “I think that as humans we tend to always compare ourselves to those who are doing just a little bit better than ourselves. Those who have had a big hit and have been widely recognized in one sense or another”, he elaborates.

The track is written by Elias Bendix, Birk Nevel, Søren Emil Lunøe Schiødt and is produced by Birk Nevel.


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Photo: Therese Lærke