ALSACE – U don’t understand it

It’s time to Disco! Danish disco-band ALSACE deliver a super-groovy and souldful song with ‘U don’t understand it’. It delivers massive 80s-vibes too – yeah, the 80s are back! No wonder, the band already did a support-gig for Simply Red – that makes total sense.

Following her song ‘Honey‘, that also did catch the attention of the GAFFA music magazine in Denmark, ‘U don’t understand it’ will also be part of the highly anticipated debut album ‘Concorde’ that will be released on August, 25th.

A lot of people have had opinions about what we should do as a band. Where we should go and what would be wise. But we’ve always preferred to do things our own way,” says the Copenhagen based duo.
We spend 0% of our time thinking commercially while we make music, but we spend 100% of our time making it feel good in our minds and hearts. You become stronger by doing exactly what you believe in, and we will never compromise on our musical visions, so whoever wants to join us can jump on the wagon. Everyone is more than welcome,” they continue.

So put your dance-trousers on and dance into the summer night with the sound of ALSACE!

U Don't Understand It


Photo. Magnus Haraldsen