Debut: Agnes Hartwich – Into The Deep Dark Blue E.P.

Here we have another debut today: 22-year-old Danish AltPop-artist Agnes Hartwich has released her first e.p. called ‘Into The Deep Dark Blue’.

And it comes with a ‘Bang’ – the first track ‘Black Shiny Car‘ is clearly pop with great melodies, but with edgyness all over: Electro-synth sounds and effects, Samples and electric Guitars set the base for the track in which Agnes brings in the spoken verses and crystal clear chorus-singing.

Deep Dark Blue‘ has great dirty Indie-Guitars and drums in it.

Agnes Hartwich - Deep Dark Blue (Live)

Our personal highlight of this E.P. is the intimate and gorgeous ‘Born in shades of blue‘:

Born in shades of blue

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Photo by Freja Jeppesen

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Agnes Hartwich serves with her “Into The Deep Dark Blue” – E.P. a great, raw and f*ckin’ melodic piece of music that we will play the whole year for sure!