Debut: Freddy Madson – Hanging in the Air

Danish independent artist Freddy Madson is releasing his debut single ‘Hanging in the Air’ today. The song just at the edge between pop, indie and jazzy elements – just as we like it: Great produced Alt-Pop floating between musical genres and bringing the best out of each. Starting soft with an acoustic guitar intro and just his vocals, the song evolves into a more beat-driven mid-tempo track with a strong chorus and fades into light jazzy horn sections.

The Copenhagen-based singer has made a song about how to go through the brutal life in the 20s and how you can try to run away from your problems finding out the only solution is to stop, turn and face them!

I think everyone knows what it’s like to feel imperfect or inadequate. Other people’s great expectations can suddenly become a massive burden in your life – and it literally dragged me down, creating an endless flow of irrational thoughts and unnecessary contemplation. It was the feeling of hanging in the air while racing for a new tomorrow but it was with the help from my closest ones, that I got back on track,” Freddy Madson tells.

‘Hanging in the Air’ is written and recorded by Freddy together with critically acclaimed producer, Niels Christian Sommer, known for his work with Danish indie-pop outfit, Ganger, and the edgy R&B-pop artist, Summers. It is released on the independent label Only Child.

Hanging in the Air

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Photo by by Therese Lærke.