Beharie – Deadly

Oslo-based singer Beharie is definitely one of the “artists to watch” in 2023: While the singer with the perfect soulful voice is already quite famous in Norway with winning a Spellemann-award (Norwegian Grammy), had a GAFFA-Nomination in Sweden and has beeen just on tour around Germany a couple of weeks ago – where he convinced everyony of his skills -, the breakthrough outside of Norway has not happened at the moment.

With his constantly high-class music material this should be no problem: Floating between classic soul and electronic-based soul he shows a variety of styles that you don’t often see from an artist. WHereas he could sing his songs with a background-band with a choir or an orchestra, they also work in an imtimate way with just his presence on stage with an acoustic guitar.

With ‘Deadly’ Christian Roger Beharie has delivered a very groovy banger that is intense and chilled at the same time. Thos chord progressions are just great.

Check out the great ‘Love Me‘ with a great video shot in Oslo too.

His debut album is supposed to come pn October, 20th this year and we can’t wait to hear it!

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Photo by Shawn Arvind