Vita Bergen – Falcons

Swedish Indie-Musician Vita Bergen is back with the new song Falcons, that is released on swedish Indie-label Woah Dad! – and is the first song from the upcoming album Contacts that will be released in October this year.

Vita Bergen is the project of multi-instrumentalist William Hellström from Gothenburg and has always been soundwise unpredictable but loved by the underground scene and advertising agencies.

If you listen to Falcon anyone can instantly see – or hear – why: This is perfect indie-music – damn catchy melodies combined with the right amount of quirkyness and edgyness. Falcon is pure Indie-feeling with stadium-character – it looks like we’ve already found our indie-song of the summer :)

I want Vita Bergen to always be unexpected and unfiltered. To be free from all preconceptions. VB is my creative space, but although it is based on my initial perceptions of creativity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to be the messenger alone or that it is an arena solely for me. On the contrary. I especially do not want VB to be based on any perception of gender and sexuality. Therefore – several of the tracks I will release through VB will be collaborative efforts with especially female artists and art makers.
The first single is a track I made where I chose to invite a neon artist who had never sung before to sing with me. It was a joy working with someone who had this pure state of mind in the arena of music, which could be the best and the worst place in the world
.” writes William.

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Photo: Nicolas Peyrau