Vingard – Save Your Worries

Danish singer-songwriter Vingard is back after having success with her debut album ‘In the long run’ in 2023. Her new song ‘Saving your worries’ is a quite uptempo Americana/Indie Pop-song which starts calm but develops with the classic fast drums into an uplifting track. With the great chorus and the deep text she delivers music to think about: So she tells what the song is about :’When everything is fine and I’m right there where life is at its best, my mind flees. It frantically seeks something that isn’t working – something more important than just happiness.

Vingard picked up a guitar at the age of 9, with 15 she wrote music for the germen movie ‘Einer wie Bruno’. Her career includes more than 350 concerts and big festivals in Denmark and Germany. And it was in Denmark where she also won the ‘Battle of the Bands’. So there is more quality music to come!

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Photo: Lucas Illaness