Siri Neel – Into the night

Danish singer Siri Neel spent three years in the UK to study songwriting. After getting back to Denmark she already had 4 singles listed on the national radio channel P4.

‘Into the night’ is the second song from her upcoming debut album and is written by her alongside Morten Winther, who worked success with eee gee and Jada before. Jakob Groth (Keane, Nik & Jay) produced the song, that comes in a mid-tempo mood with a very loveably melody – especially the Omnichord that sets the tone for the whole song.

The song is about finding love again:

Sometimes you hear that the only way to become the best version of yourself is to break up with your partner, but I don’t think that’s always the answer. I think it’s important that we work hard to keep those long lasting and deeper relationships with other people,” Siri Neel explains about the background of the lyrics of her new single.

For some people it can be necessary and freeing to escape, but the security of a healthy relationship and the foundation it provides can also give you the courage to take on some wild projects in life. I’m an independent woman chasing my music dream, but at the same time I need the support I get from home for my career,” she says.

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Photo: Ulrik Jantzen