Debut: Alvin Weise – Starting over

Stockholm-based artist Alvin Weise debuts with a crackin’ song on the scene: ‘Starting over’ has all the ingredients that makes Scandi-pop so great: A f*ckin’ great chorus that makes you wanna sing along instantly, the production with a good micture of acoustic instruments and electronic highlights is as crisp as it could be and it sounds just massive and the voice of Alvin is on-the-point – just listen to the fab chorus part at the end of the song.

The 25-year old singer grew up in a musical and picked up a guiter atthe age of 10. Last year he finished at the Musikmakarna in Stockholm (Songwriting Academy).

Alvin says about the song: “Starting Over is about second chances. Being brave enough to risk it all for someone or something you truly care about. The lyrical context is me singing to the person I love, but if you look at it metaphorically I am also singing to the loss of passion or excitement. When I’ve been on the edge of giving up on people or things in my life, listening to this song has given me hope and a reminder of what is important and I wish that it could serve a similar purpose for somebody else.”

And there is much more fantastic music on the horizon coming from him that is written and produced by himself. And by the way: ‘Starting over‘ is mastered in Abbey Road.

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