Two Year Vacation – Majored In Broken Hearts

The self-description of ‘Swedish Tropical Indie Pop’ is a exact description for the sound of ‘Majored In Broken Hearts’. It is the third single from their autumn EP ‘Getting Into Real Estate’ which is scheduled for a release in October this year.

Two Year Vacation themselves describes “Majored in Broken Hearts” as “an anthem to the moment of unveiling. The turning of the tides of being caught up in the hype. A person conquers your entire universe only to be stripped down from the altars of supremacy by a poorly pronounced word of high school French. It’s embracing this moment for three minutes and twelve seconds. The death of the honeymoon. The hashtag no filter. It’s Kim Jong Un queing for milk at the supermarket. It’s judgemental and lacking any self reflection. It’s naive, confident and catchy. A lethal combination”

Try to listen to the song – and don’t get into a good mood! – Not possible!

Majored In Broken Hearts

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