Tuvaband – Mess (EP) (Review)

The band Tuvaband convinced us from their quality two times now: The first time we got to know about the Norwegian/UK-duo consisting of singer and songwriter Tuva Hellum Marschauser and musician Simon Would when we heard the fine song Everything we know is wrong.

And the second time when we got to see them playing live in Bergen at the Vill Vill Vest Festival with their spheric songs. You can hear the nature and calm silence in their sounds, especially when they brought a violin player with them on stage.

And some weeks later finally here it is – the new “Mess EP” of Tuvaband.

It contains the first single “Trees”, a song with a chorus to lay down.

There are many songs on this EP that deserve more attention, for example the fantastic title-track “Mess“.

“We recorded and produced the EP in each of our flats. After recording, we got help from Jonas Kjølstad of At The Loft Records to create the sound to be a mix between our first demos, Lisa Cranner’s music, and Bon Iver’s first album. Overall, the EP feels like a beckoning call to return to nature, which also means disconnecting from the electronics that rule our lives. The lyrics are sophisticated and artistic, gracefully narrating stories like a choir of birds in a tranquil forest.” tells the band about the making of this record which has been released on November, 1st on Brilliance and is out on all digital platforms.

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