The New Weavers – Rock ’n’ Roll Fan Fiction

It is not a story we hear everyday, that musicians work together in various band and music combinations for 15 years – and then they release their debut album. But this is what has happened to ‘The New Weavers’, a duo – consisting of Peter Kræg and Morten Thuesen from Copenhagen, Denmark.

They play music, just like it’s 1971 – you can hear clear Rolling Stones and other classic rock references from that time in their song.

“The album is just captured at the time the mics were on. It will never sound quite the same live”, Morten elaborates.

The first single ‘Don’t make a scene’ es a good example:

Don't Make a Scene

With several Krautrock-elements ‘Santana’s Lick’ gives an idea with the name about the sound:

Santana's Lick Stick

The whole album is a nice alternative to this polished pop that is out there in masses – especially when it is about good melodies.

How are you doin', Maggie?

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Album Review

Put on your boots and dive deep into the sound of the late 60s and early 70s with Copenhagen-duo The New Weavers. They deliver retro-rock album that they themselves wanted to buy and you can hear the fun they had creating it.