Debut-Album: DØSSI – lovebirds, pt.1: love

Norwegian singer Ingrid Døssland has released a couple of songs so far, we have written about the beautiful ‘Wildflower‘ before, that she sang with dePresno. After her debut-ep in 2021 she is now ready for her debut album and here is the first part.

She is able to pack timeless great melodies into lightweight songs that are sometimes uplifting (like Tough Love) or are in a classic ballad style (like in ‘Why would you let me go’ or ‘Jasmine, Darling’). And it is different to describe or to put in in words but she has ‘that Bergen-style’ musically in her songs that you can hear and that sets a special vibe to it.

“The starting point for the album was that I wanted to write about letting go, whether it’s love, episodes that have shaped us into who we’ve become, thoughts, events, people you no longer need to carry your burdens to, and even more reasons to let go – both good and bad,” says Ingrid. “It became natural to also bring in the theme of why you want to let something go. I could see an album outlined in two chapters, and I decided to release it like that! Eventually it also became very clear to me how all this happens in circles. I am a bit obsessed with finding hope in things – and thus the album also became like that: love, let go and love again” – DØSSI says.

“I wrote ‘tough love’ in Oslo with Henrik Lillehaug, one of the most positive people I know,” explains Ingrid. “I initially came to the studio to write a slightly gloomy song, but with him around, it was impossible not to give the song a positive ending. It also turned into a rock song – who would have thought? I think the song gets the message across in a bit of a hard-soft way…it’s a DØSSI-song after all, and I’m not a very angry person!”

She adds: “The song is about continuing to give someone your love just because that’s how it’s always been – even when you’re not always treated very well in return. It’s about how someone can drag you out of the present, and into the past just by being around. Tough love, I guess!”

The album is out September 02, 2022 on GEMS.

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Photo by Truls Skram Lerø

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An album so perfect for the upcoming days where it gets a little colder: Warm and intimate classic music with “that Bergen-vibe” to it. DØSSI delivers a fine collection of songs for her debut album.