The Ella Sisters – Sugarcoat

The Ella Sisters from the South coast of Norway are about to release their new E.P. soon and now the title track is out: “Sugarcout”. The song delivers strong melodies and their trademark in perfection: the vocal harmonies of the two twins Maren and Charlotte, as they did since the release of the great debut song “Cars“.

“The songwriting process for “Sugarcoat” was very much inspired by feeling empowered and confident, wanting to dance away some bad vibes of feeling underestimated and misunderstood. We had so much fun writing the song, because it was this feeling of closure and a humorous way of seeing through someone who believes they are good at hiding what they feel. It is written out of the experience of someone seeing you as “too much” and “too sensitive”. The song portrays a sarcastic but fun story of a relation where the other person just doesn’t get that you get what they are hiding from you. We wanted to express a multitude of irony and confidence.” they say about the text.

The video delivers also a positive vibe and matches the song very well – and as the sisters state:
“This video was so much fun to create, because Maren got to portray an “overdramatic” character that the person in the song seems to see you as. We played around with the colour scheme, and the difference between night and day time, to reflect this feeling of uncovering that someone is sugarcoating something. Charlotte is the character finding out that the relation is actually not working. And of course, we had to dance a bit. It was freezing cold during the takes where it looks like summer- we made it in Norway, so yeah… But we had a blast.”

And now we are looking forward to the release of the new ep!

The Ella Sisters - Sugarcoat (Official Video)

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Photo: Press kit