Swim Club – Hercules

‘Swim Club’ is the moniker of new-and-upcoming Copenhagen-based artist Laurits Bigum Steinberg and with ‘Hercules’ he delivers his debut after coming home from a sailing trip to the Mediterranean sea in 2022. The song gives us playful and light indie-pop that is a pleasure to listen to. it is classic, fresh and dreamy – a good opening for the outoor season and a great debut!

’Hercules’ is about the rise and fall of the heroes of our lives. To see that rock-solid person, who was always strong like an ancient Greek hero and wise like a god to you, struggle to get back up. It’s also a song about preserving good relations while the world is changing and seemingly nothing is what it used to be.” tells Laurits.

His debut EP will follow on on May 26th.

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Photo: Press release