Sophie Zelmani – The world ain’t pretty

The swedish Queen of soft and intense folk music is back with a new album.

Since back in the days with the fabulous chillin’ song ‘Going Home‘ we discover all albums she made and they are all wonderful depictions of autumn mood in the Nordics.

With ‘The world ain’t pretty’ she is on one side following her path of fragile, intimate songs with a melancholic twist. On the other side it is clear that the songzs are little bit more ‘lighter’ less melancholic than before.

‘What if’ is an example for that with all those gorgeous strings.

Our favorite is the masterpiece in classic songwriting – ‘One man’s kiss’:

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Album Review

Sophie Zelmani has created her own musical universe and with variations in tone and melancholy she delivers the best in it. There is nothing that can be done better or one song that is not touching on this album. A fantastic piece of music!