ROYA – Kinda sad

ROYA are danish duo Line Gade and Sebastian Igens and they are one of the most promising acts from Nordics right now: Their music already got attention an Danish Radio P3 and they are growing a fanbase very fast. Andwe can clearly tell why: ‘Kinda sad’ is a song that lives between the musical spheres of Tove Lo, Robyn and Sigrid.

The song is great mid-tempo banger that delivers a massive chorus that Line is singing intense and with a freshness that we heard the last time indeed in Sigrid’s Jumpstart-song ‘Don’t kill my vibe‘.And we have to say, that also the crispy production of Sebastian is cuttin’ edge. Perfect and modern pop-song sounds over and over in this!

“It’s written out of the embarrassment of finding yourself drunk and alone, longing for someone you know isn’t good for you anymore. Lyrically, we wanted to dive into those suppressed feelings to give them a life of their own. The song is a reminder to anyone in this messed up situation, that sometimes it’s more than okay to be by yourself and feel kinda sad.” ROYA tell about the song.

If they follow this path, they will be huge for sure – and definitely not just in Denmark!

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Photo by Julie Sindberg