Silja Sol – Ni liv (new album & video)

“Ni liv” is the title of the new video of Silja Sol – and the title of her new album, which is out today! Following the success with her mega-song “Dyrene” last year – which is obviously on the album too – her album is produced by Fredrik Vogsborg too. And this brings the initially indie-based sound of Silja Sol onto a more pop-orientated and electronic direction. Sometimes the songs are a little more acoustic based (Semmenemme), sometimes more electronic (Dyrene, Ni liv, Gymsko). The common line is the voice of Silja Sol, one that you can recognise right away from the beginning of a song.

“Ni liv” is the best album so far from Silja Sol, and it will be one of the best albums from 2017 as well. Bergen-style rocks!

Silja Sol - Ni Liv

Silja Sol at facebook, twitter.

Foto: Isabel N Wedin

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