Sigrid – Plot twist (Video)

Finally Sigrid released a video for one of the songs on her debut ep, that is one of the best songs of 2017 (so far): Plot twist.
In April we wrote about the song, the sound and the good attitude.

For the home-recording-styled video, Sigrid gives a statement on her facebook-page:
“I moved to Bergen (Norway) two years ago, after finishing high school in Ålesund. I moved into a shared flat, which by the end housed me, my brother, his girlfriend and some very close friends of ours. we recently moved out, and obviously we needed to throw a goodbye party. I loved this flat and the people in it, and I miss it every day.
this city is where I met my band who I’m lucky to call my best friends. it also happens to be the city where I wrote Plot Twist with the23d. Bergen is so important to me, and even though Ålesund is the best city in Norway, this weird and beautiful town is a good number 2.

Fill In Productions and I wanted to connect all of this in the music video for Plot Twist, so we decided to run around Bergen that one day it didn’t rain”


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