Disaster in the universe – Take some time

It is fine to see when one of the bands we posted about just at the beginning of this blog – and besides others one of the reasons for this blog – are releasing new stuff: DITA caught our attention immediately with their supercatchy, yet indie, dance-song “Beach House” – a great song to cruise through the small streets on the fjords and island in Norway (which we did). The following singles and the debut album were fine music too and then it went a little silent around the band.

Now they are back with the first new piece from their next album: It is called “Take some time” and this is also the main vibe of it – it is slow, chilled, smooth and floating. And it is short – just 2:22 min long. Although it is a little different from the first releases (and a clear progression from the album tracks that went smoothly into this style), it is clearly recognizable as DITA.
And – you guessed it – we like it!

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