Selma Higgins – Sunlight

Danish-Irish singer Selma Higgins has a soulful single out: ‘Sunlight’ is a 70s-inspired smooth mid-tempo ballad – wherase the text is about being trapped by addiction in a souring relationship.

’Sunlight’ comes from a personal experience where I found myself desperately searching for hope in hopeless love. Ironically, the vibe of the song is quite uplifting. I guess it’s because, writing it, I realized I could only win this battle within my head with a bit of self-knowledge and a hell lot of the impenetrable power of self-irony.” she tells.

With only being 26 years old this sounds very mature and the sound of ‘Sunlight’ is well pointed out.

I’m an energetic and versatile singer and as a songwriter I never limit myself or the people around me in the studio to follow a specific sound or style. I wanna experiment and challenge myself – and whether the result is going to be smooth or rough around the edges, I want it to be real, warm and me,” Selma Higgins says.

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Photo by Martin Melancolia