Sandra Kolstad – Mango Corner

New material from Sandra Kolstad is on the way: More than two years after her great last album „Zero Gravity State of Mind“, she returns with the song „Mango Corner“.
The sound is again more dance-orientated than her previous works – and it fits her very well. And she brings in good company: Duper Studio-producer Yngve Sætre produced the song with Sandra – and Bergen’s Miss Tati, who has just been on tour with Sondre Lerche and makes the song a fine duet. Bergen-sound – again :)

‚Mango Corner‘ is a song about utopias, and in a way it is as much a place as a song. ‚Mango Corner‘ is my personal utopia, and I would certainly welcome everyone into it, because I think utopia is a collective thing.“ says Sandra Kolstadt about the song.

The new album will be out later this year – and if this is a sign for the rest of the songs, it will be a good one!

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