Flora Cash – California

A new track by Stockholm-based Flora Cash is out: “California” is a slow fine indie-song with massive layered vocals.
It starts out as some kind of Lana del Rey-song and evolves into a more pop-style chorus with electronic sounds and guitars.
With the chorus the haunting and good melodies come in that we know from the group since the last massive releases like “Sadness is taking over“.

“California describes a longing to be free; even when the prospect of achieving that freedom, is itself daunting.” tell Flora Cash about the song.

The album “Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine)” will be released 21.04.2017 – and it is one the most awaited albums of the year for us.

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Video-Link: https://soundcloud.com/iconscreatingevilart/flora-cash-california-1

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